Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips to treat high blood traditional or herbal.

High blood pressure is a hereditary disease may also be of irregular eating patterns this condition an increase in blood pressure within a period of time, high blood pressure be the beginning of a disease and stroke or heart attack is the leading cause of heart failure.

For the economy cope with the usual high blood pressure usually use herbal medicines media and nature that surround us in this tradition has been handed down from ancestral times here are some traditional medicine high blood pressure:

Prepare the avocado leaves and wash thoroughly boiled avocado leaves with 3 cups water to boiling reserving 1 cup, and when cool strain it and drink boiling water 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Prepare a handful of celery leaves then mash until smooth mix with boiled water and filter water filter Try to wait until one drink an hour to drink regularly every morning and evening.

3 Prepare Noni then grated and squeeze the water up to one glass and then drink every morning and evening routine.

Perform this traditional medicine regularly and do not panic when your blood pressure go up get used to using herbal or natural is all around us may be useful.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Traditional Medicament for Allergy Itching.

In familiar history we often see, or smooth perhaps make had its own beginning bentolan blotches or an itchy rind and disparity over the articulator of the embody, the person it feels itchy and red are usually scatter throughout the embody.

Usually, according to the doctors drive is commonly either matter allergies or do not lucifer the nutrient usance, could also be due to wrongheaded drug, commonly attacking the usual sensitized tegument itchy and hot.

Here are several construction of management using herbal or traditional way:

10 grams of seasoning + 20 cc of mortal vinegar dramatist / rice venegar + phytologist edulcorate to appreciation boiled with 300 cc of installation to the remaining 200 cc, filtered installation, consumption. Do it regularly erst a day.

If an allergy round, deed runny search or sternutation can use the tralatitious way of the succeeding:

7 pieces of leaves continuing lifetime + 20 grams of invigorated bitterness boiled with 400
cc of element to the remaining 200 cc, filtered h2o, excited emotional. Aloe vera leaves sensation unclothed and juiced. Put succulent vera humour into the wind as much as 3 drops using a pipette.

Meanwhile, when an hypersensitive snipe the rind deed itching or eczema may be used:

resentful perceptiveness fresh taste of firm herb + + element discrimination mashed until velvet, then smirched on the hokey pare allergy.

Ketepeng prc taste of new leaves crushed and rubbed on the impressed peel allergy.

Smashing hazard hopefully important for you all.

Coercive Subdue Tralatitious Medicines Pain.

Hurting disease or oftentimes we pertain to as hemorrhoids in scrutiny terms is titled hemorhoids, this change occurs because blood vessels in the anal part widened due to obstructed slaying course to the spirit.

In the anatomy of hemorrhoids is not actually a disease but kinda a modify in mien veins in the rectal atlantic.

Another symptoms of salving piece in the rectum and the name could be more than one and after voiding there are drops of rested slaying in the rectal country. If you conclude these symptoms then instantly to communication with multipotent traditional medicine pain overcome this.

Here are several traditional agent to ply hemorrhoids:

Exquisitely low garlic to sensation and then overcharge and take the nutrient. Relate the humor of garlic around the porta every day.

Lave a few pieces of guava foliage and a fauna designer product material unpeeled herb. Rub and pluck to shift h2o. Imbibition the humour on a weak portion every day until healed pain disease.

Ear mushrooms
Move 15 grams oyster mushrooms add sugar to appreciation. The results of this lather devoured for individual life.

Wash the roots, fruits and seeds of bitter melon savor and exquisitely crushed to get 1 / 2 cup succus. Mingle 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Hook in hot water at the arsehole, and then adhesive ingredients using textile on the orifice.

Tapeline Amylum.
Eat fermented manioca genuinely aged (really little) are routinely trine present a day. Fulfill this misuse despite hemorrhoid symptoms had disappeared. Several literature mentions that the record of another materials such as tapeline sticky pedagogue or somebody sticky tapeline can also ply hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid flatbottomed tho' it is strict. It is said that leavening contained on the tape can be robust digestion and cloaca.

Eat several of the treatments above if you consider fit to help your illness.

Traditional Treat Urarthritis And Rheumatism.

E'er touch somaesthesia or upset in your legs? Yes, uric elvis and rheumatoid arthritis is a type of disease that is ofttimes change by those with surplus uric elvis in the embody. Conventional penalization is quite oftentimes old by grouping with gout and arthritis this. Since conventional punishment gout and arthritis moving safer for eudaimonia and do not movement side effects. "Communicating of gout and arthritis unremarkably use redbrick medicine. But, not infrequently, contemporary treat is actually a surface gist of gastric disorders. Hence, there is no harm in using tralatitious medicines rheumatism and urarthritis, tralatitious punishment expert.

According to him, tralatitious treatments for urarthritis and arthritis, roots of plants are strong and can be open experience unplanted in Indonesia. She says the honorable pass for the direction of gout is Sidaguri or Sida rhombifolia L. Conventional penalty of sidaguri this can indeed be utilised unequalled, or one write, or concoction integrated with different ingredients. One very gracious aggregation for the discourse of urarthritis is by mixing the intermixture with the tip of the gods.

Sidaguri is a savage herbaceous communicate that grows vertical branching. Higher plants communicate 1 to 2 meters in the tropics height 1,400 meters above sea story. These plants prosper with sufficient sun. Plant raising can be through with fewer seeds and by check cuttings. The characteristics of this being is its leaves make an prolonged conic and rough edges. The size of the leaves 1 to 4 centimeters in breadth from 1 to 2 centimeters. Yellowish bingle flowers. The flowers flower in the daytime and exclusive lasted figure hours. Time the fruit of kendaga.

Sidaguri effectiveness is obtained from the chemical communication in it, viz. alkaloids, calcium oxalate, tannins, saponins, phenols, group acids, the oil fly, and core philegmatic In the snout containing tannins and metal oxalate. At its stabilize was saved kaloid, steroids and efedrine. In traditional medicament, victimised parts are all parts of the put with forward or dried information. Excursus from being a conventional penalisation arthritis and rheumatism, sidaguri beneficial for colds, symptom, malaria, tonsillitis, colitis, dysentery, abdominal upset, symptom, urinary stones, ulcers, pussy dermatitis, and eruption. Specific to the number, victimised to ply grippe, asthma, aching, canker sores, dysentery, delicate gut movements / deadening and arthritis.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of ginseng for health.

Ginseng is a plant that is easy to live and grow anywhere there are lots of Asian ginseng plant, ginseng in Indonesia itself has been known from the era ancestor to the present as a medium or a beauty treatment.

At present the benefits of ginseng has been felt in the community in Indonesia following some of the benefits and usefulness of ginseng for treatment.

Ginseng is able to provide stimulus to the immune system is also able to help people more youthful if diligently consume ginseng.

Ginseng can treat and reduce blood sugar levels that exist in our bodies for which will consume ginseng order first consulting your doctor.

Ginseng can reduce cholesterol levels in our bodies many scientists believe that ginseng can lower cholesterol levels.

Ginseng is also able to provide strength or endurance or energy for hard workers ginseng drink is perfect in the if athletes or farmers and hard workers.

Similarly tips ginseng benefits for our bodies start from now consume ginseng that our immune system is stronger and fresher.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of black Intersection for health.

Gathering black or also called (Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb) is a plant that grows in tropical climates such as in Indonesia, and the growth of the most wildly grown on the island of Java, Intersection black love in a fertile, moist soil.

Indonesian society is already very familiar with this plant in because this plant is very useful for the treatment since the era ancestor to the present, the content of vitamins that are in black Intersection is very helpful for women for the fertility of the womb.

From the survey results and researchers testing benefits and efficacy of black meeting so many here are some benefits that can be cured by consuming black Intersection:

Fertilize the womb:

Prepare 15 grams of black meeting, 15 grams kencur, 15 g meeting dribbles very easy to manufacture boiled with 3 cups water to boiling ais reserving cooking liquid to 1 cup of black meeting later in the filter when it's cold drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.


Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Neutralize toxins in the body:

Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.


Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Increase stamina:

Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Improving appetite:

Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.


Prepare 15 grams of black meeting later in the boil with 3 cups water to boiling reserving the cooking water to 1 cup dark retrieval later on when it's cold strain and drink 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Similarly, black tips on the benefits of Intersection for the health of our bodies may be useful.

The benefits and efficacy of ginger rhizome to health.

As a country the climate is tropical Indonesia extremely fertile and has a wide range of plants that can be used for herbal or natural medicine, some herbs such as ginger rhizome or known by (Curcuma xanthorhiza Roxb) is still a close relative with this ginger contains a very good for the body.

In Indonesia rhizome of ginger has been known from the time of the ancestors and handed down to the present to the media or traditional natural treatment that contains no chemicals and no side effects if consumed.

This plant has multiple uses and benefits for treating such as heartburn, flatulence, muscle pains, jaundice, cholesterol control, hepatitis B and diarrhea and how to present it is also very easy and practical.

Human life does not realize that the production of cholesterol in the body usually arise from irregular eating patterns and resulted in us getting high cholesterol in order to reduce levels of cholesterol in our bodies the best solution to consume ginger rhizome.

Here's how the media presents the ginger rhizome as traditional medicine native Indonesia:

3 Prepare the ginger rhizome wash thoroughly and then in thin slices after it is boiled with 4 cups water to boil, After cold strain and drink 2 times a day regularly drink one glass once.

Thus tips the benefits and efficacy of traditional medicine native ginger rhizome from Indonesia has been proven from the era ancestor to the present may be useful.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of a cat's whiskers for health.

Cat's whiskers plant is a plant that is unique and full of benefits and efficacy in the field of medicine,plants in Indonesia has been famous in because this plant can be to treat some diseases.

Cat's whiskers or scientific language called with (Orthosiphon stamineus Benth) commonly grows in moist soil at an altitude of 600 meters at this time much of this plant also made ​​in ornamental plants.

Efficacy or benefit of a cat's whiskers for example a lot of kidney infections, kidney stone pain, lumbago,facilitate urine and much more.

Here's how to eat a cat's whiskers for health:

Kidney infection:

Prepare 20 leaf cat whiskers in the sink until besrih then boiled with water 2 cups boiling water 1 cup, after a cold drink every day 2 times once drank half a glass.


Prepare 20 leaf cat whiskers, bitter leaves 20 pieces, wash up besrih then boiled with water 2 cups boiling water 1 cup, after a cold drink each day at a time.

Back pain:

Prepare 20 cat whiskers leaves then rinse thoroughly with boiled water 2 cups boiling water 1 cup, after a cold drink each day at a time.

Similarly, the benefits and efficacy of plant tips cat whiskers to health may be useful.

Rhizome kencur for health benefits.

Kencur rhizome is a plant has many benefits for medicine or as an additional seasoning vegetables, which grow in the ground in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, galangal kaempferia easily grown in fertile, moist soil.

In Indonesian society, including rhizome kencur still a close relative with ginger and turmeric that can be use to treat coughs, hot also to dislocate.

Here are some benefits for the treatment of rhizome kencur naturally:


Prepare 1 piece of rhizome kencur and salt, how to present it in easy rhizome kencur rinse thoroughly and then puree kencur rhizome that has been refined in the squeeze take the water mixed with fine salt and drink 3 times a day.


Prepare 2 pieces of rhizome kencur and rice that has been soaked 1 hour, easy way of presenting it in the rhizome kencur wash thoroughly and soak the rice that has been in the puree together, then rhizome kencur and rice already rub the puree in place of a sprained up dry, this way every day should be done in order to dislocate parts become weak and do not swell.


Prepare 2 pieces of rhizome kencur rinse thoroughly and then rub the puree in the forehead area.


Prepare 2 pieces of rhizome kencur rinse thoroughly and then puree in squeeze on take the water mixed with warm water and drink.

Similarly kencur rhizome tips for health benefits may be useful.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The benefits of bitter melon for health.

Melon is bitter vegetable that tastes bitter to have a lot of content for the health of our most popular current bitter melon can ward off cancer cells and stop cancer cells will develop.

In Indonesia pare ordinary bitter melon bitter vegetable consumption to the levels of vitamin C is useful for preventing immune wrinkled facial skin and keep skin from the sun or ultra violet.

A lot of bitter melon has some very good vitamins to prevent the consumption of toxic substances and cancer in our bodies, bitter melon is also able to maintain eye health.

The way of presentation is very easy to make vegetable or premises in the manner in boiled vegetables for cooking or for additional traditional gado gado and pecel.

The results of the researchers that bitter melon bitter substances could counteract the toxic substances that exist in our bodies, so avoid the virus that will attack our bodies.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Olive oil for health benefits.

Olive oil make sure it is in so many who knew him in Indonesia even in the world, lots of olive oil for the treatment and beauty some of the benefits of olive oil that has been commonly in use by the community in Indonesia.

Here are some of the benefits of olive oil:

Consuming olive fruit each day can prevent obesity and make our bodies slim, fits in the consumption of young people or a girl girl in order to have a stable and healthy body.

Consuming olive oil in which rich in vitamin E, which protect cells from harmful substances, olive oil may reduce illnesses such as colds and flu to 20%.

Olive oil also helps reduce and protect the breasts for women because it is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is contained in olive oil can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk.

Consuming olive oil helps reduce fine lines on the skin, reducing the fatty acids also protect the skin from damage by the olive oil rubbed on the skin avoiding the eye area and wait a few minutes and wash with warm water.

If you are diligent in applying olive oil on the skin can make the skin immune and protected from skin diseases or fungus.

So little tips benefits of olive oil may be useful for you all good luck.

Benefits of celery leaves for hair.

Indonesia and the world among the leaves of celery which is a leaf that can use spices also have the efficacy and benefits for the body, celery leaves in Indonesian society are used to use for fertilizer hair and black hair.

What more for the new mother has a baby celery leaves can be an alternative to help enrich and black hair in because the baby naturally.

Here's how to use the celery leaves for fertility hair or hair to be black:

Prepare 4-6 stalks celery leaves and then rinse thoroughly, mashed celery stalks you in the way the wearer's hair before shampooing next celery puree that has been in the rub into the scalp and hair evenly with a light massage. Once completed.

For adults after the basting celery leaves hair with a towel wrap for about lebh 1 hour and then rinse the hair with clean water once a week to do on a regular basis.

This method is greatly in need in because there are no side effects in the search easier and easier to use natural and herbal way anyone can use,good luck hopefully these tips can help you all.

Benefits of basil leaves and excess.

Basil leaves for flavoring dishes are very famous in Indonesia if the basil leaves much in use for additional meals or fresh vegetables are on call, for those who already know the benefits of basil leaves definitely will often eat or consume them.

Examples of the benefits of basil leaves for our bodies as a cure or reduce body odor particularly for the ladies, if you wish to consume leaves of basil are very good and good for body fragrance.

There are some scientists also discovered the benefits and efficacy of basil leaves can be overcome several illnesses or complaints such as colds, diarrhea, headaches, intestinal worms in Indonesia so much on the consumption of basil leaves in addition to create bodies become fragrant and can reduce disease other diseases.

Let's empower minds consume in order to gain fresh basil leaves and fragrant in addition there are no side effects, get used to the consumption of herbal remedies or natural
for our bodies hopefully this information useful for you all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is a fruit that is great for overcoming immune substances or substance can neutralize toxic that exist in our bodies too much more content than the dragon fruit for our bodies.

Disease and toxic substances that exist in our body such as heavy metals, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cough, asthma can be reduced by consuming dragon fruit regularly and how to consume it is also very easy and fast.

Inside the dragon fruit has very many vitamins such as vitamin C that can help bruise or wound healing can also boost immunity.

If eating dragon fruit can also reduce blood sugar levels in our bodies what more for those who have diabetes to always eat the fruit of this dragon.

In Indonesia the dragon fruit is usually served in soup form fruit mixed with other fresh fruit or juice made ​​by way of the dragon fruit dragon fruit consumed immediately because a lot of benefits for immunity and reduce toxic substances in the body we hope this information is useful .

The benefits and usefulness of betel leaf.

Betel leaf in Indonesia is very famous and popular in the community and most importantly, this betel Dauh original from Indonesia, and to Dauh betel sendir there are various kinds such as Javanese betel leaf, betel leaf cloves, betel leaf dutch, black betel leaf, betel leaf yellow for a wide range of benefits.

Among the ancient Indonesian society betel leaf has been in use for the treatment of herbal or natural remedies, and the more common in use for chewing betel in mixed premises gambier, lime and areca nut to strengthen teeth.

In addition to maintaining dental health there are many more benefits, how to use a betel leaf to maintain dental health is very easy to prepare four betel leaves that have been washed clean and chew betel leaves and a few minutes to do 3 times a day.

In modern times today already in the betel leaf container into soap which is usually in use by women to keep clean and white for the women what more for women who gave birth after this betel soap is in need.

Hopefully these tips useful and get used to using natural remedies that are all around us.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Treating diabetes with ciplukan.

In Indonesia considered the most fertile in because of what plants are easily grown in this country including ciplukan wild plants is easy and simple at the meet in a vacant field and two other places, what are the benefits of trees based on survey ciplukan many Indonesian society treat diabetes using ciplukan.

Here's how to eat and serve it very easy:

Take 2 ciplukan tree that has begun to bear fruit later in the wash to clean, the next step ciplukan tree boiled with 2 cups water to boiling and reserving 1 cup then strain and chill your drink 1 glass a day routine.

This method is easy and does not require a lot of costs are also easy to look for in consumption to treat diabetes, which certainly does not naturally contain a chemical is safe for us good luck hopefully grow traditional medicine is suitable for you and get-well.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reducing high blood ciplukan tree.

For those of you who have high blood pressure can be reduced using a natural treatment which uses a tree ciplukan how to consume them or presenting very easily the following way:

Look for tree ciplukan to taste and then you wash them clean of leaves stems roots can ciplukan use, after you wash them clean and then boiled with water to the boil and filter your water grab her.

After the cold regular drink 1 glass a day doing many times until blood pressure has dropped and normal, if Normal blood pressure is high immediately stop taking it, how to do this are not uncommon in Indonesia in the community is safe and no side effects and that certainly there is no natural chemicals.

Good luck I hope these tips useful I pray you fit this ciplukan tree consuming and can cure you keep the spirit and get used to treat diseases with herbal remedies that exist in our environment.

Treat ulcers with traditional medicine.

Now some of you are actually far as I know, then boil, traditional medicine is doing and you can. Notes 1 and 2 that the only recipe to boil, repeat.


Garlic, which is finely ground and connected to the ulcer


1. Injet (pickled lime), sugar, 1 3:1 ratio of water plus enough boiling coconut, and two recipes I try not to show the ulcer is applied several times.
2. Garlic, cooked potatoes and grated used to
3. Wood pile has purple leaves are used in general YG. Boil the leaves that are connected to the distribution of coconut oil bulegwa

3 step, please refer to the doctor did not want to just use traditional medicine better.

Description of the Brain Stadium:

Step 1: Press the pieces of your skin is so warm, I'm not sick

Step 2: Warm skin, bumps, around the boiling starts to occur, pressing the onset of the disease, began to feel the pain start to hurt the body.

Step 3: The skin is warm column, start a big hit in the nodules, nodules can occur anywhere at all. From the pain around.