Monday, December 12, 2011

Benefits of celery leaves for hair.

Indonesia and the world among the leaves of celery which is a leaf that can use spices also have the efficacy and benefits for the body, celery leaves in Indonesian society are used to use for fertilizer hair and black hair.

What more for the new mother has a baby celery leaves can be an alternative to help enrich and black hair in because the baby naturally.

Here's how to use the celery leaves for fertility hair or hair to be black:

Prepare 4-6 stalks celery leaves and then rinse thoroughly, mashed celery stalks you in the way the wearer's hair before shampooing next celery puree that has been in the rub into the scalp and hair evenly with a light massage. Once completed.

For adults after the basting celery leaves hair with a towel wrap for about lebh 1 hour and then rinse the hair with clean water once a week to do on a regular basis.

This method is greatly in need in because there are no side effects in the search easier and easier to use natural and herbal way anyone can use,good luck hopefully these tips can help you all.