Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Treat ulcers with traditional medicine.

Now some of you are actually far as I know, then boil, traditional medicine is doing and you can. Notes 1 and 2 that the only recipe to boil, repeat.


Garlic, which is finely ground and connected to the ulcer


1. Injet (pickled lime), sugar, 1 3:1 ratio of water plus enough boiling coconut, and two recipes I try not to show the ulcer is applied several times.
2. Garlic, cooked potatoes and grated used to
3. Wood pile has purple leaves are used in general YG. Boil the leaves that are connected to the distribution of coconut oil bulegwa

3 step, please refer to the doctor did not want to just use traditional medicine better.

Description of the Brain Stadium:

Step 1: Press the pieces of your skin is so warm, I'm not sick

Step 2: Warm skin, bumps, around the boiling starts to occur, pressing the onset of the disease, began to feel the pain start to hurt the body.

Step 3: The skin is warm column, start a big hit in the nodules, nodules can occur anywhere at all. From the pain around.