Sunday, December 11, 2011

The benefits and usefulness of betel leaf.

Betel leaf in Indonesia is very famous and popular in the community and most importantly, this betel Dauh original from Indonesia, and to Dauh betel sendir there are various kinds such as Javanese betel leaf, betel leaf cloves, betel leaf dutch, black betel leaf, betel leaf yellow for a wide range of benefits.

Among the ancient Indonesian society betel leaf has been in use for the treatment of herbal or natural remedies, and the more common in use for chewing betel in mixed premises gambier, lime and areca nut to strengthen teeth.

In addition to maintaining dental health there are many more benefits, how to use a betel leaf to maintain dental health is very easy to prepare four betel leaves that have been washed clean and chew betel leaves and a few minutes to do 3 times a day.

In modern times today already in the betel leaf container into soap which is usually in use by women to keep clean and white for the women what more for women who gave birth after this betel soap is in need.

Hopefully these tips useful and get used to using natural remedies that are all around us.