Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The benefits of bitter melon for health.

Melon is bitter vegetable that tastes bitter to have a lot of content for the health of our most popular current bitter melon can ward off cancer cells and stop cancer cells will develop.

In Indonesia pare ordinary bitter melon bitter vegetable consumption to the levels of vitamin C is useful for preventing immune wrinkled facial skin and keep skin from the sun or ultra violet.

A lot of bitter melon has some very good vitamins to prevent the consumption of toxic substances and cancer in our bodies, bitter melon is also able to maintain eye health.

The way of presentation is very easy to make vegetable or premises in the manner in boiled vegetables for cooking or for additional traditional gado gado and pecel.

The results of the researchers that bitter melon bitter substances could counteract the toxic substances that exist in our bodies, so avoid the virus that will attack our bodies.