Monday, December 12, 2011

Olive oil for health benefits.

Olive oil make sure it is in so many who knew him in Indonesia even in the world, lots of olive oil for the treatment and beauty some of the benefits of olive oil that has been commonly in use by the community in Indonesia.

Here are some of the benefits of olive oil:

Consuming olive fruit each day can prevent obesity and make our bodies slim, fits in the consumption of young people or a girl girl in order to have a stable and healthy body.

Consuming olive oil in which rich in vitamin E, which protect cells from harmful substances, olive oil may reduce illnesses such as colds and flu to 20%.

Olive oil also helps reduce and protect the breasts for women because it is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is contained in olive oil can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk.

Consuming olive oil helps reduce fine lines on the skin, reducing the fatty acids also protect the skin from damage by the olive oil rubbed on the skin avoiding the eye area and wait a few minutes and wash with warm water.

If you are diligent in applying olive oil on the skin can make the skin immune and protected from skin diseases or fungus.

So little tips benefits of olive oil may be useful for you all good luck.