Sunday, December 11, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is a fruit that is great for overcoming immune substances or substance can neutralize toxic that exist in our bodies too much more content than the dragon fruit for our bodies.

Disease and toxic substances that exist in our body such as heavy metals, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cough, asthma can be reduced by consuming dragon fruit regularly and how to consume it is also very easy and fast.

Inside the dragon fruit has very many vitamins such as vitamin C that can help bruise or wound healing can also boost immunity.

If eating dragon fruit can also reduce blood sugar levels in our bodies what more for those who have diabetes to always eat the fruit of this dragon.

In Indonesia the dragon fruit is usually served in soup form fruit mixed with other fresh fruit or juice made ​​by way of the dragon fruit dragon fruit consumed immediately because a lot of benefits for immunity and reduce toxic substances in the body we hope this information is useful .