Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips to treat high blood traditional or herbal.

High blood pressure is a hereditary disease may also be of irregular eating patterns this condition an increase in blood pressure within a period of time, high blood pressure be the beginning of a disease and stroke or heart attack is the leading cause of heart failure.

For the economy cope with the usual high blood pressure usually use herbal medicines media and nature that surround us in this tradition has been handed down from ancestral times here are some traditional medicine high blood pressure:

Prepare the avocado leaves and wash thoroughly boiled avocado leaves with 3 cups water to boiling reserving 1 cup, and when cool strain it and drink boiling water 1 time a day on a regular basis.

Prepare a handful of celery leaves then mash until smooth mix with boiled water and filter water filter Try to wait until one drink an hour to drink regularly every morning and evening.

3 Prepare Noni then grated and squeeze the water up to one glass and then drink every morning and evening routine.

Perform this traditional medicine regularly and do not panic when your blood pressure go up get used to using herbal or natural is all around us may be useful.