Thursday, December 15, 2011

The benefits and efficacy of ginger rhizome to health.

As a country the climate is tropical Indonesia extremely fertile and has a wide range of plants that can be used for herbal or natural medicine, some herbs such as ginger rhizome or known by (Curcuma xanthorhiza Roxb) is still a close relative with this ginger contains a very good for the body.

In Indonesia rhizome of ginger has been known from the time of the ancestors and handed down to the present to the media or traditional natural treatment that contains no chemicals and no side effects if consumed.

This plant has multiple uses and benefits for treating such as heartburn, flatulence, muscle pains, jaundice, cholesterol control, hepatitis B and diarrhea and how to present it is also very easy and practical.

Human life does not realize that the production of cholesterol in the body usually arise from irregular eating patterns and resulted in us getting high cholesterol in order to reduce levels of cholesterol in our bodies the best solution to consume ginger rhizome.

Here's how the media presents the ginger rhizome as traditional medicine native Indonesia:

3 Prepare the ginger rhizome wash thoroughly and then in thin slices after it is boiled with 4 cups water to boil, After cold strain and drink 2 times a day regularly drink one glass once.

Thus tips the benefits and efficacy of traditional medicine native ginger rhizome from Indonesia has been proven from the era ancestor to the present may be useful.