Monday, September 12, 2011

Benefits and efficacy of starfruit to health.

You know the starfruit is very nutritious for our health following some of the benefits and usefulness.

Cough to overcome:

Carambola 25 has a number of petals, sitting dripping finger rhizome, cinnamon bark, fingers, toes kencur, onion, two cloves of garlic, 1 / 4 PDA, gotu cola, some sage leaves 1 / 4 Lu leaf piece 4.1 portable 1.4 is reduced, laundry, a tablespoon of the blade. After the water for cooking and a half remaining 5 cups. Wounded three times daily and cooked with herbs and honey, drink 3 / 4 cup.

* Whooping cough has been exceeded:

Add 2 tablespoons salt, wash them at work, making stars such as fruits and 10. Then strain and drink twice a day.

* Children Cough:

Star fruit, fennel, enjoy a glass of water and grain, plus some, a handful of sugar interests. Mixing in a couple of hours. Fabric filter after the break with an empty stomach, fun drinks, morning and evening.

* The pig medicine:

Charlotte carambola four branches and young leaves and chopped 10 floors. The following cocktail was run in the affected area.

* For arthritis:

If so, carambola young leaves finely chopped 10 cloves seeds, pepper production 15, 1 (1) ounce, and print it jukgwa disease similar magnitude in white vinegar to taste, add up. It is true that is 2.5 cups of boiling water, leaving a handful of flowers and three glasses of star fruit. 3 times a refreshing drink 3 / 4 cup and strain.

* For acne medications:

The fruit was finally enough to make a star fruit. Salt to taste and is used for wiping the face and the pressure for a drink with acne. Medicinal mushrooms, pieces of land washed and finely carambola 10. Too soft, knead until the Whiting. Grass twice a day, rub the skin berpanu.

* Medications for high blood pressure:

The remainder of the top three-star fruit, three cups of water. Alcohol, filtered, and then enjoy breakfast. The pain of dental caries, and to overcome a tablespoon of salt to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables star, the bite of the cavity.