Monday, August 1, 2011

Tips on eating guava fruit and leaves

Benefits of herbal seeds and leaves.

- Prevent cancer
- Lowering of hypertension
- Treating diarrhea
- Prevents constipation
- Diabetes

The way to consume:

- Consume adequate guava very influential at a reduced risk of prostate cancer in men.
- Consuming guava enough if you want to avoid heart attack lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
- Guava leaves can cure diarrhea how to grab some guava leaves and stalks boiled skin with water until boiling and drinking.
to diarrhea in nursing baby with her ​​mother guava leaves are still young in his mother dikungyah salt water mixed in a drink.
- High fiber content in guava effective to prevent constipation or constipation.
- Eat enough guava can lower blood sugar.

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