Monday, August 15, 2011

Starfruit for health benefits

Indeed starfruit this one is very sour taste of acid but it's a lot of benefits:

Consuming fresh starfruit or sweets on a daily basis 2 fruit starfruit can reduce (bleeding gums)

Starfruit at the scar and add a little salt paste on the skin with acne on a regular basis can both heal (Acne)

Starfruit 3 pieces on the cob with ari 4 cups to a boil and strain it before drinking is one glass a day can lower (high blood pressure)

Starfruit leaves, flowers, fruit in rebuh in water to a boil and drink the water cure (cough)

Starfruit 6 pieces in boiled with 1 cup water to boil down to half a glass to drink 2 times a day to treat (diabetes)

Handful of starfruit leaf mash until smooth and mix whiting and then rub it into parts that can treat pain (arthritis)

May be useful for you all.